The boxes are never finished! Except these two

Been doin’ a bunch of “stuff” the past few days . Errand stuff, dad stuff, watching Carolina get it’s ass handed to it stuff. Mostly fun stuff but I’ve been all over the place. And that has required some driving through Santo Domingo. I have lived all over this planet and the driving here may be the worst I’ve seen.

I had a minute here and there to mix up some shellac, melt down some paste wax, and finish two boxes. Since the first box ended up more Pollock than polish, I grabbed another box I’d been using for stuff and shellacked that, too. The first one had a bunch of runs, streaks, etc, due to crap technique. But, once I got the hang of loading the brush and applying it in back and forth strokes, the second attempt seemed better. I was getting excited and had to stop myself from going on a shellacking spree. Yeah, that’s a thing.

Box 1 with some messy finish
Box 2 done up a bit better

I really liked the paste wax. The recipe was easy to follow, but having never used it before I had no idea where I was going. As my perceptive 19 month-old told me, it looked like kaka. (Yeah, kiddo, you got 10 words, 9 are Spanish and the other is kaka. Thanks.) But, once I wrapped it up in some cheese cloth, wiped it on and polished it out, the box looked great. Immediate satisfaction.

But man can you see every tool mark, scratch, and ding with the finish on! I’m working on yet another box, and trying to keep that in mind. Such is the learning curve.

The second box is made of jequitiba, a South American hardwood I can buy around here for about $2 a board foot. It is quite pale, almost grey unfinished, and I was excited with how it came out with a coat of BLO, three coats of shellac and wax. It is apparently a stable wood and I’ve found it easy to work. I think I’m going to be using a bunch more of this.

Which means I have to go to the lumber yard. Which means I have to drive through the city. I don’t do emoticons, but imagine a pissed off looking one here.

2 thoughts on “The boxes are never finished! Except these two

  1. gman3555 December 19, 2014 / 2:50 am

    The boxes are look good. Have you tried rubbing out the shellac with 0000 steel wool before the paste wax? It makes a big difference and gets rid of most, if not all, the errors that are in the shellac. It saves me all the time.



    • streetzelwilson December 19, 2014 / 12:42 pm

      That is good advice. I didn’t do that with the first box but I did for the second. The difference was really noticeable.


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