Stop. Just stop.

Just stop. Walk away. Put down the tools, grab a broom. Put down the tools.

I am in the mid-project doldrums. I can seek all the f**kups, but I can also see it coming together.

Today I was clearly thinking about something else. Because I transferred the lines from the sides of the book case to the top piece. Then added the other lines for the dados on the wrong side. You’d think that would have made me pay more attention.

And then I got through the first few layers of one dado and realised it was off. Way off. As in the board is toast and I’ll need to make a new one tomorrow.

It was at that point that I put the tools down. Wiped everything down. Moved everything to sweep. Reorganized my collection of “maybe these will be useful someday” waste cuts.

One thought on “Stop. Just stop.

  1. Greg Merritt March 4, 2015 / 5:38 pm

    Been there, done that and have the pile of scraps to prove it. LOL
    Some days just go this way. You did the best thing and stopped working. I’ve tried to power through and it only ever gets worse.


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