Pen vs. pencil, first round to pencil

When I start feeling clever I know that I’ve probably A) stumbled on a solution that is painfully obvious; or B) found the most ass backwards way of doing something.

I do not like pencils. They are needy with all the sharpening. And I’ll blame lines that are hard to see on the pencils (not my aged eyes). Then there is the lead that gets everywhere. Maybe just my clumsy meat mitts, but again, I blame the inanimate object.

Mechanical pencils suck, too.

I was playing around to try and make scribe lines look clearer (where a knife line isn’t the best remedy), and I remembered my wife’s batch of super fine pens. With all permissions, I took one. It was marvellous. So thin, so clear. I really thought I had a winner.

Feeling puffed up I drew some lines on scrap wood, marvelling at how the pen line remained consistent while the pencil quickly went from thin to fat. (I need to get out more often.)

And then I tried  making a box using it. It crapped out after 1.5 dovetails. The line became spotted and weak. I tried another thinking the ink might have dried up. Same thing. Another pen from the batch – spared my experimenting on wood and thus the need to explain to my wife that I had killed not two but three of her cherished pens – doodled fine on paper for a long time. It would seem that the very fine tip of the pen is getting clogged.

Pencil wins this round, but I’m not giving up. Screw you, pencil. I’ve ordered a batch of possible champions. Vamos a ver.

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