It smells good, at least

The shop, I mean. Holidays have kept me away from it, even with the minimal social schedule we keep. I finished a box made of amburana, but it was done in nibbles spread over days.

I managed a trip out to a lumber yard I’d not been to before. It was massive, and I was thrilled by their selection. The other place I go to has some decent S. American hardwoods, but a small selection and only of 1″ thick stock.

This place has Fijian mahogany, maple and oak in addition to a plethora of regional hardwoods. I ended up with a bunch of 2″ thick stock for various projects.

Oooh, that smell. Not of death but of wood (name that song refernce). A mixture of sapele, cumaru and pine is wonderful. I’ve not worked much, but ran out to get some recharge by standing in the shop, breathing in wood and lovingly stroking a plane like a simpleton.

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