Starting with boxes

My attempt at serious progress in my woodworking, and this blog, start with boxes. Small chisel and pencil boxes in pine based on Paul Sellers’ designs, and working up to making Chris Schwarz’s schoolbox. Down the road this will all lead into a tool chest, design TBD.

What started as a distraction a year ago with whittling while I was a stay at home dad had, uh, grown. Monstrously. I thought I’d pick up whittling again. Did some as a kid and liked it. Seemed like a good hobby while the kiddo was napping. But that was the first rabbit hole. It tripped quickly into carving and joinery.

But, lack of time, space, experience, etc meant slow going. I’d guess I got about 4 to 5 hrs maximum in the first year. Enough to get a bit of blood on my teeth and hungry for more.

Now I am fortunate enough to be able to dedicate a few hours a day to woodwork. The kiddo is out of the house part of the day, I have a bit more space (much better than in the middle of the living room in a n apartment), and a very flexible schedule as a freelancer.

And on that note, there is a pine board in the shop waiting for me to break it down.

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